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The tea growing land of Munnar was not as it is today until Lord Wellesley discovered these sprawling mountain ranges. A man hunt mission lead him to these parts of the country which left Lord Wellesley spellbound. He named these ranges Kannan Devan hills as a tribute to kannan and devan, the two adivasis or indigenous people who guided him through these vistas. Britishers after numerous trial and errors found tea to be the most suitable crop for this terrain and thus was born the lush green tea-scaped mountains of Munnar.

Sprawling hills of green laid forth by tea bushes ready to entice you with their misty charm, Munnar is here for you to experience its wonders. Stroll through the tea plantations clicking pictures of tea pickers or trek through the forests to watch animals coming in for a drink or treading the trails of their territory. Awaken the naturalist in you by going on a birding tour or herping to spot the endemic species of the region, which we assure is quite a long list. Welcome to Munnar for a blissful stay filled with nature

HERPING TOURS Wildlife Tours In Munnar With Resplendent Experiences - SOMETHING DIFFERENT AND NEW, HERPING TOURS.

Our Earth is filled with a diverse number of creatures of various sizes, shapes and colors. One such species most often looked down are the anurans and reptiles. These creepy crawly creatures seem to be everywhere that we tend to easily overlook them. Herping or sighting of frogs, snakes, lizards and other reptiles is an upcoming arena after bird watching. With the increase in awareness about their role in the ecosystem and opening of new areas of research a large number of individuals are turning their attention to these species with renewed interest. Infact Resplendent Experiences is named after one of the endemic species of this region. We at resplendent organize herping tours for casual frog sighting and also for herpetologists. Our herping tour starts after sunset after an early dinner, as that is when these creatures are at their best. Monsoon is the preferred season. A 3 to 4 hours walk through shola forests, tea and cardamom plantations will transport you to the world of amphibians and reptiles. A peek into their daily activities is a delightful experience. As a bonus, you might also be treated to sighting few nocturnal like jungle cats, leopard cats, owls, night jars and porcupines.

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